Finding My Way Around Word Press

Well,here I am again. No further ahead. It makes no difference if I click on draft or edit, the result is whatever I have worked on just disappears. This page has no photo or bio. I expected both.

This is a good site, I have been told, once you find your way around it. I’m no closer now than I was a week ago. Will someone out in Word Press land, please tell me how they set it up?

My theme has a mind of its own. It only works sporadically. I have set it up with a green header. I wonder if this will have a green header. I no longer take time to improve the first draft. The original, with all its warts, is what you see.

Writing, when you may have an audience, unfortunately is addictive. I can retire at any hour: and the hour keeps getting later. as I wander, lost through this new land.

I have a kind, patient Word Press friend who is trying to help. She started up only once which makes it so much easier. I tried a year ago with only my given name and it causes many problems. I would retire it if I could, but Word Press says ‘NO’.

So round and round I go. Dear Word Press, please learn to use English as it was used 30 years ago. Lets call a photo a photo and not a gravator. Well, it looks like I can’t even spell it, but you know what I mean.

The hour is late. I must leave you now. There’s a message that says Draft saved at 2.06.36pm but I know it’s not so.
Here I go again. I’m going to click on publish.


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